Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Vice Squad Agency, Inc. is open for business

After fifteen years experience working at large agencies that apologetically work on gaming, liquor, tobacco & other industries labeled “undesirable”, vice presidents Mark Roberts and David Marett finally got a belly-full of the hypocrisy. These sorts of companies never appear on client lists, but they sure do cash the checks. This scenario led these seasoned sales and advertising veterans to believe there is a niche for an agency that would exclusively service legitimate companies providing products and services targeted towards adults. The Vice Squad Agency is now here to make vice legitimate again.

The Vice Squad Agency

To put it plainly, Vice Squad Agency is a new promotions and marketing firm in Dallas that specializes in vice.

Market Summary

Gambling, Alcohol and the Adult Industry comprise an enormous portion of our economy, yet there is not a single advertising agency catering to their needs - until now. We believe there are vast opportunities to both create solid creative work and help businesses in these sectors reach their full potential. Furthermore, many companies in “vice”-related industries haven’t had the benefit of professional marketing services and stand to see dramatic increases in sales and profits by utilizing marketing tactics utilized by mainstream companies.

Market Overview

  • Gambling expenditures in the United States remain the highest in the world, with leisure dollars fueling a $60-billion industry.
  • The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS) expects U.S. revenue to spirits makers to reach $19 billion in 2008.
  • 7.4 billion gallons of beer were consumed in the U.S. in 2005.
  • The sex-toy market, brings in between $8 billion and $12 billion each year in the U.S.
  • Tattooing in the U.S. is an estimated $2.3 billion industry.
  • Adult films are estimated to be generating $750 million to $1 billion per year in revenue.

Management Overview

Mark Roberts – With sixteen years experience, his first full-time industry job in 1992 was working at the advertising boot camp which was StatCat. His resume for the following few years resembles a song list from a punk rock album: Fuqua & Eyre Foodservice Agency (1:35); The Promotion Network (2:10); Barnes Brand in Seattle (1:10). After this whirlwind he settled down at DDB Dallas for around 4 years, then Square1 for another couple of years. This agency shuffle has given Mark diverse experience and a lot of grey hair. But mostly, Mark has a commitment to providing the best solutions for his clients, not his portfolio or some award show judge. Mark's take on life and work is to keep it simple and make sure there is a logo on it somewhere.

David Marett – Is sales and marketing incarnate. From his early start as the “Camel Guy” ramping up KBA’s (in)famous on-premise cigarette promotion to working on sales and marketing of bar and nightclub insurance at CSI, David’s career has run the gambit.

David and Mark’s professional career began when he was hired as a consultant to help regional homebuilder increase marketing presence with realtors, which generated some serious buzz in the industry.

Since the real estate market has softened, David has gone back to what he knows best, booze, broads and cigarettes – well, marketing them anyway.

One of his early career highlights were the fashion shows he produced and promoted at Dallas icon, The Red Jacket. The upside is after running herd on 20-year-old models managing a few account service people is a dance in the park.

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