Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Adweek on the Vice Squad Agency, Inc.

We spoke to Gregory Solman, an adweek staffer, last week and he gave his take on our little shop of whorers:

"LOS ANGELES Mark Roberts, founder and CCO of the new shop Vice Squad, Inc., had a revelation one day while freelancing: An unnamed Omnicom agency declared that it could not accept an online gambling client because of ethical concerns.

That made no business sense to Roberts, who had moonlighted as a freelance creative director for strip clubs in the past. "The adult industry feels ostracized by the business community," he observed.

So, a month ago Roberts and partner David Marett, who goes by the title vice president, opened a Dallas shop to service clients other agencies were too embarrassed or forbidden by networks to take, or who put them furtively in their portfolios and treated like second-class citizens."

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