Wednesday, January 12, 2011

7Deadly Group: Superbowl Fixer For Hire

February 6, 2011 Superbowl XVL is coming to North Texas.

7 Deadly Group is a marketing firm specializing in Adult Club Marketing, Event Marketing, Spirits, Gaming & Tobacco. As a result of our specialization; we know the underbelly of Dallas/Fort Worth better than anyone in around; we are professional; we have office space and are available to assistance in the following capacities:
  • Adult Club Fixer - if VIP's are in town and looking to go to an topless club we're the go to for the discreet access at the best places in Dallas and Fort Worth. We do not have any allegiance to any clubs in town so 7Deadly Group will make every effort to cut the best deal at the best places and meet any requirements for you and your guests.

  • Event Assistance - if you have an event in town and need:
    – creative help (last minute banners, flyers or ads)
    – select event attendees (beautiful women)
    – street teams
    – bands

  • We have 16 years of experience in marketing. Our event marketing experience includes live venue promotion to art gallery openings to motorcycle rallies and everything in between. Check out our portfolio and contact us if you need some locals helping with VIP arrangements or with your Superbowl XVL event.

Mark Roberts
vice president
ph: 214.699.1545
fx: 214.889.3100