Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ready to Cruise Forest Lane!

From 1968-1989 cruising Forest Lane was the right of passage for every Dallas teen.

“Dear Parents Of Dallas: Your Teenagers Are Out Hot-Rodding, Drinking Beer, And Flirting On Forest Lane Every Friday Night!” screamed the Texas Monthly headline, followed by the telling first line “Just like you used to”  For one night June 4th 2011 we’re stepping back on time to get together on Forest Lane, hang out, swap stories and enjoy tunes from back in the day.

Brought to you by the 7Deadly Group, the brains behind the annual Rockers vs. Mods event in Dallas. Rockers vs Mods has grown exponentially each year with 2011’s 5th Annual boasting 400+ bikes, 20 sponsors and too many spectators to count. This event sprung out of a sincere appreciation for those days cruising on Forest Lane and interest has far surpassed anything we could have imagined. With a solid 21 year run of North Dallas folks running wild on Forest Lane, there is an enormous group of people who want to relive those great memories.

Get your cars tuned up and your girls decked out! RSVP on our facebook invite so we can see who's coming!

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