Monday, June 27, 2011

Forest Lane Cruise Recap

Another great event!

No way! Did we just do that? Yes we did and it was incredible. For one night we all made Forest Lane rumble and roar even better than the good old days. Don't know about you guys, but back then we'd have to fill the oil and check the gas - now we're older but with nicer running toys.

For those of you not in the know, In the '60s, '70s, and '80s, Dallas had its own personal version of American Graffiti on Forest Lane in North Dallas: a place for teens to cruise, show off their car, sneak a beer, maybe get lucky in love.As with all good times, the cops eventually shut it down.

Those who were there during its heyday have reached middle age -- just about the time nostalgia starts to kick in. 7Deadly Group was tapped to put on this event by Lone Star Beer and it blew up beyond all of our expectations. We hadn't cruised Forest Lane (properly) in 25 years, but there were many more who hadn't been down the lane in up to 45 years! So people came from as far away as Fort Lauderdale Florida to come play on the Lane.

A reporter from the Dallas Observer estimated over 1,000 cars and 3,500 people! All we know was there were a lot of folks having a good time around some amazing rides.

Our friend Scotty Mankoff pulled his camera out of retirement and took some amazing shots HERE.

A really nice slideshow from the Dallas Observer is HERE.

We got a lot of really positive feedback from the event, but this facebook comment really warmed our hearts. We were so proud to have brought shared memories to another generation.

The Dallas Observer gave us much love all the links are here:

Pegasus News

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